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Premier Property Services' goal is to increase and maintain the value of the assets for the owners. This task is achieved through increased occupancy and tenant retention. This is accomplished by being responsive to the tenant's needs and making sure the property is maintained in an above average manner. Rapport with the tenants is built by practicing a hands-on management approach and good communication.

The major administrative responsibilities to be performed by the management team are, but not limited to the following:

Tenant relations
Administer approved policy and procedures
Negotiate service contracts
Revenue collection/expense payments
Monthly financial and operating reports
Annual budget
Ad valorem tax evaluation
Energy management


The primary objective of the leasing effort is to enhance and maximize the short and long term investment potential of the asset. The marketing program will be a combined effort of management and leasing to provide an immediate response to all inquiries. An uncompromising emphasis on professionalism, quality of service, and steadfast effort to proven techniques will maintain our focus.

With our maintained files of industry data, we track sales, occupancy, and rental rates which enables Premier Property Services to dispose of and purchase properties efficiently with the best return for the owner.



Premier Property Services takes a high tech approach to its business with a combination of computer systems, and procedures. Premiers's reporting system is produced through the use of a network system of PC's, and software designed specifically for asset reporting. Premier utilizes AMSI software which is nationally recognized to provide detailed, thorough, and flexible accounting reports. Premier Property Services has the capability to provide the financial reports on a cash or accrual basis, and on any format and/or chart of accounts requested, as well as the ability to acquire and use different software preferred by the owner. Our system of checks and balances also allows Premier Property Services to audit each building manually.


The physical maintenance of a property is one of the most important components of property management. The request for service is of primary importance in the operations of Premier Property Services Property Services. Owners and tenants must be given prompt, complete

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